City Manager


The City Manager is the City's Chief Executive and is responsible to the Council for the proper administration of City business. The City Manager carries out the day-to-day responsibilities of running the entire organization. The personnel who comprise this department play a vital role for the community by acting as a link between the public and all employees.

Duties & Operations

Administrative Duties

This department is responsible for public relations, along with a multitude of other administrative duties, including the coordination of Human Resources functions and receiving many of the concerns that various citizens and groups may bring forth. The City Manager reports directly to the City Council, who is the policy-making body of the organization.

Laws & Policies

The City Council makes laws and sets policy, and it is the responsibility of the City Manager to ensure these policies are carried out. The City Manager’s office prepares the agenda and council packets for City Council meetings.

Proposed Agenda Request

Any person who has a proposed agenda item for discussion should contact this office at 677-7050 for additional information.