Rental Housing

Rental Housing Registration & Inspections

Vermillion Municipal Code Chapter 94, the Rental Housing Code, was drafted and adopted in 1975, and has been updated as needed since. This Code requires that every rental dwelling in Vermillion be registered with the City and regularly inspected to assure compliance with the minimum maintenance standards of Chapter 94. The Code Compliance Department receives rental registration applications, makes required inspections, and approves rentals for occupancy. All dwellings are inspected approximately every two years. A copy of the rental property inspection report can be viewed below. The report is updated monthly.

Persons or companies offering unregistered dwellings for rent risk receipt of a violation citation and an order for tenants to vacate.

Work Permits for Improvements & Inspections

Building permits are required for all new work performed on existing rental dwellings. Permits are also required for repairs, renovations and alterations, with some exceptions for minor routine maintenance. Building permits can be issued to rental property owners and managers.

Work Permits for Maintenance Work & Inspections

Work Permits and Inspections Not Required for Some Maintenance Work. Rental owners and property managers are responsible for maintenance of rental dwellings in compliance with the minimum standards set forth in the Vermillion Municipal Code Chapter 94.


The City of Vermillion requires that permits be issued before work begins, that inspections of the work occur, and that the work is done by qualified persons and companies. Permits, inspections, and licensing are intended to assure that all buildings are in compliance with applicable construction codes and safe for use and occupancy. Contractors, property owners, landlords, property managers and others who choose to disregard the requirements of the City of Vermillion Rental Housing Code do so at their own risk. The City of Vermillion reserves the right to issue citations and fines for violations.