Licenses & Permits

Some applications listed submit directly to City Staff via the website. If you have questions regarding your submission, please contact our office at (605) 677-7050.

Commercial Collector (Garbage) License (PDF)Plumbing Contractors License (PDF)
Electricians License (PDF)Sewer & Water Installers License (PDF)
Mobile Food Vendor License (PDF)Tattoo & Body Piercing License (PDF)
Pawnbrokers & Second Hand Stores License (PDF)TNC (Lyft, Uber) or Taxicab License (PDF)
Pilot Instruction License (PDF)Uniform Alcoholic Beverage License (PDF)

Above-ground Storage Tank - Motor Vehicle Fuel DispensingLiquefied Petroleum Gas Tanks Permit
Amateur Boxing, Kickboxing or Mixed Martial Arts Event Permit (PDF) Little Free Library Permit (PDF)
Burn PermitMultiple Pet Permit (PDF)
City Hall Conference Room Use (PDF)Public Display Fireworks Permit
Consumption or Blending, Not Sale of Alcoholic Beverages Permit (PDF)Sale of Fireworks Permit
Dumpster & Portable Storage PermitSnow Fence Permit
Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Treatment Application (PDF)Street Tree Planting Permit (PDF)
Exceed Allowable Noise Levels Permit (PDF)Street Tree Removal Permit (PDF)
Fence PermitWood Cutting Permit (PDF)
Furniture Zone Use Permit (PDF) 
Itinerant, Merchant, Peddlers, Solicitors Permit (PDF)

Dog Tag InformationPublic Plaza Use Policy & Reservation Form (PDF)
Home Daycare Registration (PDF)Raffle & Lottery Notification Request
Landfill Credit (PDF)Street Tree Guide Packet
Ordinance 1398 - Transportation Network Companies (TNC) (i.e. Lyft/Uber)TNC (Lyft, Uber) & Taxi Vehicle Inspection Form