Solid Waste

The Vermillion Solid Waste Department is composed of three operations:

Landfill & Recycling Center

The Landfill and Recycling Center operate as part of a Joint Powers Agreement between the City of Vermillion, Clay County, the City of Yankton and Yankton County. Although City Departments, the operations are governed under the provisions of the Joint Powers Agreement between the governmental entities. The City of Vermillion operates the Curbside Recycling Program locally as a service to Vermillion residents.

Joint Powers Consolidated Waste Management

In 1994, a Joint Solid Waste System was initiated to address and mitigate the rising cost of integrated waste management. The City of Vermillion implemented a Joint Powers Agreement for the ownership, management and funding of the system with:

  • Clay County
  • City of Yankton
  • Yankton County

The System includes:

  • City of Vermillion Missouri Valley Recycling center 
  • Vermillion / Clay Landfill
  • Yankton Transfer/Recycling facility

Under the terms of the agreement, Vermillion and Yankton share resources and funding for the system while exercising local control of employees engaged in waste management activities. Since the inception, rural Union County, City of Elk Point and residents of the City of Centerville have become customers of the Joint System. The Joint Powers Advisory Board is a board composed of members representing each of the public entities to oversee the integrated system.

Board Members

Current Members

  • Jerry Webber, Yankton City Commission
  • Amy Leon, Yankton City Manager
  • Denise Cody, Yankton Citizen
  • Lindsey Jennewein, Vermillion City Council
  • John Prescott, Vermillion City Manager
  • Mark Sweeney, Vermillion Citizen
  • Dick Hammond, Clay County Commission
  • Chris Larson, Clay County Citizen
  • Dan Klimisch, Yankton County Commission
  • Tom Nelson, Yankton County Citizen

Ex-Officio Members

  • Adam Haberman, Public Works Director
  • Al Viereck, Yankton Finance Officer
  • Tim Taggart, Solid Waste Director
  • Katie E. Redden, Vermillion Finance Officer