About Our Government


Adopted in 1966, the City of Vermillion operates under the Council-Manager form of municipal government. This form combines the strong political leadership of elected officials with the strong managerial experience of an appointed manager. All power and authority to set policy rests with an elected governing body, which includes a mayor and members of the City Council. The governing body in turn hires a nonpartisan manager who has very broad authority to run the organization. The Council-Manager form promotes effective management within a transparent, responsive, and accountable structure. Since its establishment, the Council-Manager form has become the most popular structure of local government in the United States. The form is also widely used throughout the world. The Mayor and City Council represent the community and develop the long-range vision for the future of Vermillion. They establish policies that affect the overall operation of the community and are responsive to residents' needs and wishes.

Governing Body

Vermillion's governing body is made up of nine members. Eight City Council members are elected from four wards, with two members representing each ward. The Mayor is elected at-large and presides over City Council meetings. The mayor may vote on all matters coming before the governing body. View the Ward Map (PDF).

Commissions & Function

With the consent of the City Council, the Mayor appoints individuals to serve on the Library Board and Planning Commission.

The Library Board

The Library Board oversees the operations of the Vermillion Public Library and appoints a Library Director. All services and programs provided by the library are overseen by the board.

The Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is charged with overseeing the long-range planning of the community, including zoning issues, subdivisions and formulation of the Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Commission serves a vital role in recommending major policy changes to the governing body for the development of the community.