Public Space Naming Policy

General Principles

Action to name or rename will be completed via a City Council Resolution. In considering proposals for the naming or renaming of a City facility, room or public space, the following general principles will be taken into account either collectively or individually.

  • The name shall engender a strong positive image for the community.
  • Be appropriate with regard to the municipal asset's location and/or history.
  • Have a long term impact that will convey historical, cultural or social significance for future generations.
  • Commemorate places, people or events that are of continued importance to the city, region, state, and/or nation.
  • Have symbolic value that transcends its ordinary meaning or use and enhances the character and identity of the municipal asset.
  • Have broad public support.
  • Shall not result in the undue commercialization of the municipal asset if it accompanies a corporate gift.

Naming Instances

Community Request or Gift

Proposals to rename a City facility, room or public space whether for a major gift or as a community request are not encouraged. Likewise, names that have become widely accepted by the community will not be abandoned unless there are compelling reasons and strong public sentiment from the broader community for doing so. Historical or commonly used place names will be preserved wherever possible.

In Memory of Outstanding Individuals

Naming or renaming a City facility, room or public space for an outstanding individual is encouraged only for those who have been deceased for at least one year and where that person's significance and good reputation have been accepted in Vermillion's, South Dakota's, and / or United States history. The City Council may review City facility, room or public space names periodically to determine if the name continues to be relevant for a public facility. In considering the naming or renaming of a City facility, room or public space after a deceased person, priority will be given to those who made a sustained and lasting contribution to:

  • The City facility, room or public space considered for renaming/naming
  • The City of Vermillion
  • The State of South Dakota
  • The United States of America