Jefferson Street Reconstruction

Jefferson Street was constructed in 1976 on unstable soils. Over the years the street has experienced damage caused by the poor clayey soils. Since 2015, the City has been planning to reconstruct the street to improve the ride quality, reduce the maintenance and provide a product that will serve the community for many years to come.

The project will consist of grinding all of the existing pavement and gravel. This material will be reused as the base course under the new street. Additionally, the City will cement treat the clay. This is called cement stabilization and will provide a very hard surface to place the mixed material and the new pavement.

Construction is planned to begin on July 30th with completion expected no later than November 1st. This is all weather dependent; extensions due to poor weather may be granted to the contractor.


bx civil and construction, Dell Rapids, SD

Operations Leader:    Eric Priesz        (605) 359-7773

Project Managers:      Nic Auringer     (605) 351-4350

                                   Nic Kahler         (605) 553-1195

The contractor has requested that any questions regarding the project be directed to them first. Typically, concerns can be corrected in the field fairly quickly by the contractor. If an issue arises that cannot be resolved in this manner, the City will work with the contractor to find a solution.


Jefferson Street Reconstruction

Project Updates

  • 7.18.18

    Mailboxes installed on Madison and Lincoln for mail delivery during construction. The Post Office will contact homeowners.

    Trash receptacles must be placed by the curb. The contractor will coordinate with providers for pick-up.