Water Walking and Lap Swim

Lap Swim

Prentis Plunge offers lap swim for a total body workout that helps increase heart rate without stressing the body, tones muscle, builds strength and endurance. Lap swim is a safe exercise option for people with arthritis, asthma, injury, disabilities, and other issues that make high impact exercises difficult. 

Three 25 meter lanes available during lap swim times, one lane available during open swim times

1/2 mile= 16 laps(down and back)     1 mile= 32 laps(down and back)

Water Walking

We also offer Water walking in our 180ft lazy river as an excellent aerobic and calorie burning workout; you can burn up to 550 calories an hour walking in the water. Water walking is the perfect break from the pounding of everyday training on land. It’s a wonderful way to keep active if you’re nursing an injury. And when the outdoor temperature climbs into the 90s, it’s a refreshing version of earthbound walking.

Water walking can also help correct muscle imbalances. Walking on land emphasizes the muscles in the front and back of your thighs. Walking in water works your upper body equally as hard as your lower body because water gives all your submerged muscles 12 to 14 times the resistance of air. 

1/2 mile= 14.5 laps around lazy river                1 mile= 29 laps around lazy river.

Water Walking and Lap Swim Dates and Times

7-9AM, 12-1PM, 5-6PM
11-1PM, 5-6PM
12-1PM, 5-6PM