Medical Cannabis

In November of 2020, the voters of South Dakota approved IM26. This measure provides for medical cannabis as of July 1, 2021. The State codified IM26 in Chapter 34-20G in early 2021. In addition to a State registration process, the initiated measure provides municipal governments the ability to participate in the process for licensing, permitting, identifying permissible locations in the community, hours of operation, number of medical cannabis dispensaries, and other related items.

On June 7, 2021, the City Council approved Ordinance 1435, adding Chapter 123 to Title XI, Business Regulations. Approval of Ordinance 1435 enacted licensing regulations for Medical Cannabis Establishments. Section 123.05, Medical Cannabis Establishment License Required states:

No person or business entity shall operate a medical cannabis establishment within the jurisdictional limits of the City unless that person or business entity has first obtained a medical cannabis establishment license from the City. Such license shall be kept current at all times and the failure to maintain a current license shall constitute a violation of the Chapter. 

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Ordinance 1434 - Zoning Regulations for Medical Cannabis Establishments

Ordinance 1435 - Licensing Regulations for Medical Cannabis Establishments

Ordinance 1444 - Amending Definitions Listed in Section 123.01 and Removing Revocation from 123.19 (E)

Ordinance 1449 - Amending Zoning Regulations for Medical Cannabis Establishments clarifying definitions of Medical Cannabis Dispensary and Medical Cannabis Establishment

Ordinance 1451 - Amending Business Regulations by Amending and Replacing terms Shareholder and Volunteer

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