City Spotlight - Recycling Program

The 2021 Curbside Recycling program collected 158.10 tons or approximately 316,200 pounds. This is an increase over the 2020 curbside collection of 137.46 tons or 274,920 pounds. 2021 curbside recycling collection was up approximately 15% over 2020. Between the curbside recycling program, recycling trailers around town, and drop-offs at the recycling center facility, a total of 1,040.96 tons equivalent to 2,081,920 pounds of material were recycled in 2021. Within the last five years, our Glass recycling program has also proved to be beneficial, with a total of 256 tons or 512,000 pounds of recycled material. 

The following five materials were the most recycled within our program: 

  • Cardboard – 1,648,223 million pounds of recycled materials
  • Newspaper – 127,599 pounds of recycled material
  • Other Metals – 58,448 pounds of recycled material
  • Plastics – 39,944 pounds of recycled material 
  • Office Mix – 37,716 pounds of recycled materials  

The City urges citizens to recycle all accepted materials including cardboard, tin and aluminum cans (rinsed and labels removed), #1 and #2 plastics, newsprint, and paper. These materials can be recycled in the curbside recycling bins. There are plenty of drop-off locations if curbside recycling is not available (i.e. apartment buildings, dorms).

Staff would like to remind residents that glass is accepted for recycling. Due safety concerns, it must dropped of at the Missouri Valley Recycling Center. 

The recycling facility is located at 840 N. Crawford Road. 


Cardboard Baler Machine at the Missouri Valley Recycling facility

Cardboard Baler Machine at Recycling Center