Tree City USA

The City of Vermillion has been proud Tree City USA community since 1985. To qualify a community must meet four overarching standards

  1. Maintaining a tree board or department
  2. Having a community tree ordinance
  3. Spending at least $2 per capita on urban forestry 
  4. Celebrating Arbor Day
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Tree Board

The City of Vermillion Tree Board is an advisory board consisting of five members who are citizens and residents of Vermillion, who are responsible for the development and maintenance of long-term plans that encourage the growth of a healthy tree canopy throughout the City's boulevards, City's parks and any other areas of the City. The Tree Board reviews, from time-to time, conditions relating to tree and plant growth in the City and recommends procedures and policies calculated to maintain and improve a healthy forestation program for the City. 

Two members are appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council. Terms are for 5 years with appointments being made in September of a term expiration year.

  • Aaron Baedke - Resident at Large (2027)
  • Kelly Herbster - Resident at Large (2023)
  • Rich Holland - City Council Member
  • Jim Goblirsch - Parks & Recreation Director
  • Pete Jahn - Street Superintendent
  • Kelly Knutson - Parks Supervisor
  • Dan Hanson - Parks Technician
  • Nate Steele - USD Representative

Arbor Day Celebration.

In celebration of Arbor Day, the City Council adopts a proclamation designating the last Friday of each April as Arbor Day in the City of Vermillion encouraging all citizens to celebrate and support efforts to protect our trees and woodlands. Vermillion School District's second grade class participates annually in the City's tree planting ceremony held at Prentis Park.