Life Safety Division

The Vermillion Fire EMS Department is committed to protecting and serving our city, the best way to do this is by preventing the emergency before it happens. We do this by providing prevention and education programs for our community.

Business Services

The Vermillion Fire EMS Department provides fire prevention and preparedness assistance for our business community. Resources for developing fire emergency plans and for training staff are available free of charge for a variety of occupancies.

Business Inspections

The Vermillion Fire EMS Department is tasked with inspecting new and existing buildings within the city limits of Vermillion. Our main focus when performing these inspections is Life Safety. The goal of the inspections are to have safe businesses and to provide risk reduction in the case of a fire or emergency in the building to:

  • Building Owners
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Firefighters
  • Tenants
  • Visitors

These goals are achieved by seeking code compliance of the applicable fire codes. When your business is due for a routine fire and life safety inspection. You will be contacted by a fire inspector to schedule the inspection.

Children ProgramsSchool Visits

The City offers a Preschool and Elementary Fire Safety Program. Young children are especially vulnerable to fire and burn injuries. To address this issue, the Vermillion Fire Department offers a fire safety program for delivery in preschools, elementary schools and daycare. The program includes in-service training for new daycare / preschool licensees, an age-appropriate fire safety curriculum.

Fire Stoppers & Fire Setting Intervention Program

The Vermillion Fire EMS Department offers a free, confidential education program for children (ages 2 to 17) who show curiosity about fire or have started a fire. The program involves an assessment of the child’s risk for using fire, fun age-appropriate activities that help the child learn about being safe around fire and information for parents on how to keep their whole family safe. For children who would benefit from additional help, referrals are available.