Smoke Detector Program

Smoke Alarms

Nearly 4,000 Americans die every year in residential fires. Smoke alarms can provide your family with crucial early warning time to get out of the house quickly before toxic fumes accumulate to lethal levels. A working smoke alarm can double your chance of surviving a fire in the home.

Buying and Installing Smoke Alarms

Free Smoke Alarms

It is the vision of the Vermillion Fire EMS Department that every home and every citizen be protected by at least one smoke alarm. We seek to implement this vision through our FREE SMOKE ALARM program which offers a free smoke alarm to any resident of Clay County who is in need. 

Free smoke alarms are provided by the State Fire Marshals Office and the SD Smoke Alarm Grant Program. Prerequisites for receiving free smoke alarms are that the citizen must be over the age of 65 or has a genuine need and resides in a privately-owned home.

  • To participate in this program please call 605-677-7098.
  • Firefighters will install a properly located, battery-operated smoke detector at no charge for any elderly, handicapped or otherwise impaired residents.
  • If you are renting your home and smoke detectors do not work or are not present please contact the Vermillion Code Enforcement Department 605-677-7088.
  • All rental property owners are required by law to provide working smoke detectors in their residential properties.

Free Home Hazards Assessment

You may also request a Free Home Hazard Assessment. The assessment will be performed after the installation the free smoke alarm. You may also opt to follow the Home Hazard Checklist (PDF) provided and perform the assessment yourself.