Special Operations


Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) is an emergency medical service provided during hostile situations by specially trained personnel. TEMS personnel are trained to provide life-saving care in high-risk situations such as tactical police operations, active shooters, and bombings,. Vermillion Fire EMS started its own TEMS unit in 2019 and has a goal of maintaining at least 4 specially trained EMS providers on the roster at all times. 


Urban Search & Rescue (USAR)

In 2021, five department members began completing the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) technician program.  This is a three-year process to obtain full USAR certification in six different disciplines. Once completed, members will be technician-level trained in trench, confined space, structural collapse, heavy vehicle extrication, ropes, and water rescue.  Our department has set a goal to have, at minimum, ten USAR technicians on the roster at all times.

Wildland A Firefitghter Preventing Fire in a Grass Area

Our Wildland Division proactively works to prevent wildland fires by educating the public on the real threat of wildfire, reducing the threat of wildfire to the community, and assisting homeowners in the creation of defensible space on their property.

Not only does our department respond to emergent wildland fires but our agency also conducts prescribed burns throughout the year for citizens of our district.  If you are interested or are in need of a prescribed burn on your property please contact the Fire EMS Department at 605-677-7098 for more information on how we may be able to assist.