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Posted on: October 12, 2020

PUBLIC NOTICE: Winter Weather Reminders

Vintage Photograph - S. Dakota Street in the winter

PUBLIC NOTICE: Winter Weather Reminders

The City of Vermillion takes a serious approach to the problems related to snow and ice removal. With a population of 10,000+ residents, approximately 50 miles of streets, and an average snowfall of 35 inches, our crews are ready as soon as snow is forecasted. The overall goal is to clear all streets of snow accumulation within a reasonable time after snow stops falling. 

Winter Storm Safety & Parking

When winter weather occurs, the City of Vermillion asks residents to use caution while driving. Be aware of parking restrictions and snow routes, and when possible, please utilize off-street parking. Monitor local media outlets to stay updated on changing weather and road conditions.  

Removal of Snow & Ice

Sidewalks are to be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours after any snow or freezing rain event. If snow is not removed within this period, the City may do so by other means and charge the cost of removal to the property owner.

Unlawful Depositing of Grass, Leaves & Snow

It is unlawful to deposit grass clippings, leaves, or snow in or upon any gutter, street, alley, sidewalk, vacant lot, and any other public place in the City. Violation will result in a monetary fine.

24-Hour Parking

No person shall permit any vehicle, over which he or she exercises control or over which he or she has the right to exercise control, to stand for more than 24 hours within any platted block along any street or alley, or upon any public place within the City.

Keep Fire Hydrants Clear of Snow

Please help keep fire hydrants clear of snow. You could safe a life!

Odd-Even Parking (Begins November 1)

Odd-Even Parking seasonally impacts the following areas:

  • East/West streets between Dakota & Plum (Cedar & National)
  • North/South streets between Clark & Main (Harvard, Yale, University, Willow, & Pine)

This protocol allows for the streets to be plowed from curb-to-curb. Plowing curb-to-curb is crucial, because when snow is allowed to accumulate in the street, the freeze-thaw cycle can be very damaging to the pavement. Drainage problems also occur when the gutter area is clogged by snow and ice. The most important factor is safety. Many streets are bordered by parking spaces. Allowing snow to pile up in these areas can create hazard by forcing parked cars closer and closer to traffic as subsequent storms deposit more snow. BE MINDFUL OF MONTHS THAT HAVE 31 DAYS. THIS RESULTS IN 2 CONSECTUTIVE DAYS OF NO PARKING. 

Winter Odd_Even Parking - Map

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