My car was towed and is in an impound lot, how do I get it out?

The City employs a rotating schedule for tow services. Depending on the service that towed  your car, it could either be in the City impound yard or a private one. Contact us at  605-677-7070 to determine where your vehicle is being stored and to whom you must pay fees for its release. If your vehicle has been towed  to Vermillion's municipal impound lot, the tow and storage fees can be paid at the police department, located at 15 Washington Street. This can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once all fees have been satisfied and any required documentation has been provided, you will be directed to the impound lot to retrieve your vehicle. If your vehicle was towed  to a private impound yard, arrangements must be made with that specific provider for payment and release. Visit our Tickets and Fines Payment page for information on fees, fines an payment method.

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