When will the City be paving my alley or street?

Alleys and streets are typically paved at the fronting property owner's request and at their cost. Although rare, the City Council may require that an alley or street be paved. However, the cost is still the property owners. Property owners can follow the steps below to initiate a paving project:

  1. Contact the City and request a petition.
  2. Owner receives the petition and approaches all of the fronting owners regarding the project. Fronting owners that want the project sign the petition.
  3. The petition is returned to the City for review.
  4. Assuming that enough signatures (50% of the frontage) are collected then the petition will be presented to City Council for their consideration. The whole process may take a year. The portions that take the longest are acquiring the signatures (it may vary depending on fronting property owner's interest) and the City Council hearings (these may take 2-months).
  5. Once the Council approves the project the construction typically occurs the following year.
  6. The project will be assessed to the property owners once it is completed.

For further question, please contact Jose Dominguez, city engineer.

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