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Pet License Application

  1. 93.23 Dog Tag License

    Every owner of a dog past 6 months and within the corporate limits of the city shall pay to the City Finance Officer an amount to be set by resolution for every dog in his or her possession or of which he or she is the owner; and upon proof of required vaccination, he or she shall receive a license for the dog. This license fee shall be paid on or before the first day of January of each year; and the City Finance Officer shall, upon the payment of the license fee, give the owner a tag marked dog tag, and the year in which the license tax is payable.  The owner shall attach the tag to the collar to be placed around the neck of the dog.

  2. Dog Tag Fee

    The dog tag fee is $10.00 per year and is available at the city finance office. Payment must be made in person, owner will receive tag once payment is made. 

  3. You must provide current proof of rabies vaccination before license will be issued

  4. You must provide a photo of the animal for records and verification in the event of impoundment. 

  5. Please provide color, special markings, sex, breed, or any other special characteristics. 

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