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Fire EMS - Event Standby Request Form

  1. NOTE:

    Requests should be made 2 weeks prior to the event date. Coverage cannot be guaranteed for requests made on short notice. An additional service fee may also be applied. 

    After receiving this request, an administrator from the Vermillion Fire EMS Department will contact you to discuss the event details and fee schedule. 

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    Dedicated Event Standby: Emergency personnel will be assigned to the event and will remain dedicated to the event. This level requires the staff and equipment to remain on-site at the event until the end, without interruption. In addition, even if an organization requests and agrees to the conditions of Dedicated Standby Services, certain extreme, catastrophic, or immediate life-threatening emergencies may still require VFEMS to utilize apparatus / personnel assigned to the Dedicated Standby. If this occurs during a scheduled Dedicated Standby (with this AGREEMENT in place), and a lapse of on-site EMS coverage occurs, another apparatus / crew will be immediately routed to the event as soon as possible and the service fee will be prorated depending on time of service.

    Non-Dedicated Event Standby: This level does not require the staff or equipment to remain on-site at the event. Event coverage will be interrupted if there is an off-site apparatus / personnel need that cannot be maintained by other scheduled crews.

    Fire / EMS Notification Only: A notification that informs VFEMS personnel of the event and event details, but no on-site services will be provided. 

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