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Petition for Variance

  2. Name of Applicant
  3. Name and Address of Property owner, if different than above
  4. You may need to have a surveyor draft this description
  5. 4. An unnecessary hardship must be established by the applicant who applies for the variance. For purposes of this subchapter, an unnecessary hardship is a situation where, in the absence of a variance, an owner can make no feasible or reasonable use of the property. Convenience, loss of profit, financial limitations, or self-imposed hardship shall not be considered as grounds for approving a variance by the Board of Adjustment. Please address the following criteria as best as you can. These are the "standards for variance" which will be addressed at the public hearing.
  6. 5. Board of Adjustment, The Zoning Administrator shall set the date, time and place for a public hearing. The Zoning Administrator shall publish the notice, in the legal newspaper of the city once not less than 10 days prior to the public hearing. Any person may appear in person, or by agent or attorney. Minutes of the public hearing shall be recorded and kept in the records of the City Council. The Board of Adjustment shall either approve or deny the petition.
  7. 6. In order to preserve the intent of these zoning regulations and to protect the public interest, the Board of Adjustment may attach conditions to a variance. A variance shall remain valid only as long as the property owner complies with any terms and conditions of the variance, as attached by the Board of Adjustment.
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    By checking the “I acknowledge” box, you acknowledge that a $150 fee must be submitted for the City to schedule a Public Hearing.

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  10. If different than Applicant
  11. Once submitted, Staff will verify that everything has been filled out correctly. Afterwards, you will be contacted to inform you of when your Variance Request will come before the City Council. It is highly recommended that you attend this meeting.
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