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Finance & Utility Forms

  1. Application & Agreement for Residential / Commercial Utility Service
  2. Authorization for Paperless Billing

    By electing Paperless Billing you will receive your bill the instant that it is ready – no more waiting for the mail. This service is... More…

  1. Authorization for Automatic Payment

    By enrolling in the Automatic Payment program, you authorize your monthly City of Vermillion utility payment to be made from your... More…

  2. Landlord Agreement

    With the high occupancy turnover in Vermillion, it frequently happens that tenants whose utility accounts are in their names advise the... More…

Finance & Utility Forms

  1. Bright Energy Choices

    Vermillion Light & Power is offering Bright Energy Choices to our utility customers; Bright Energy Choices is a program that lets our... More…


  1. Application for Sale of Fireworks Permit
  2. Fire EMS - Event Standby Request Form

    Request Emergency Services Standby for an Event. Requests should be made 2 weeks prior to the event date. Coverage cannot be... More…

  3. Home Daycare Registration and Renewal Application

    Per Ordinance Number 1326, all daycare businesses within the corporate limits of Vermillion are required to be registered with the City... More…

  4. Project Teddy Eligibility Form

    If you are interested in enrolling your child in the Project Teddy program, please complete this form. *Eligible children have... More…

  1. Burn Permit
  2. Fireworks Public Display Permit
  3. Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tanks Permit Application

  4. Vermillion Fire EMS Department Training Room Use Application